Right Time Right Place

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Photographs by Robert Rutöd

December 2015. Foreword by Aline Smithson

120 pages, 55 color plates, 21 x 24 cm. Language: English
Red metal foil embossed hard cover, thread binding,
offset printing on Arctic Volume White paper, 150 g/m².

ISBN 978-3-200-04200-1

"What Robert Rutöd brings to the contemporary photographic dialogue is that intangible ability to see the world with a skewed lens - a lens that is compassionate and at the same time, unkind. It is a lens that is the stuff of operas and nightmares, comedies and slapstick. Robert finds that split second of humor or truth telling and that instant of social documentation or absurdity that makes us not only laugh at ourselves, but also laugh and feel embarrassed all at the same time. Or should I say, at The Right Time." (Aline Smithson, from the foreword to the book Right Time Right Place)

Right Time Right Place received several awards including the New York Photo Award, the Special Prize of the Czech Center of Photography, and most recently Artist of the Year at Dong Gang International Photo Festival in South Korea.